Empowering You Toward Emotional Freedom

with EFT & Tapping.




 Imagine a world where you felt:  Free, Empowered, Confident AND in control over your emotions.

It could be hard to picture, right now… Right?

I get it. You’re tired of feeling tired. Out of control. Constantly on edge and anxious.

You’re tired of feeling like your emotions are in the driver’s seat, and you’re just along for the ride.

You’re ready to stop surviving and start truly living. If this sounds like you - you’re in the right place.

Hi — My name’s Dani.  

I’m an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner on a mission to help people learn empowering ways to cope with intense negative emotions and to heal trauma.

Anyone who's gone through it knows that experiencing trauma turns your world upside down. I spent years trying to find my way through the deep wells of unresolved traumatic experiences I’d been collecting since childhood.

Alcoholism, domestic violence, mental illness, sexual abuse — you name it, I grew up with the full buffet.

➤ “Sitting with my emotions” didn’t work. 

➤ Using alcohol and drugs to numb me didn’t help me feel better…

➤ Even diving into my pain through journaling and therapy didn’t change how I felt inside.



Therapy had given me the tools to understand my trauma and my reactions.

But my emotions were stuck on autopilot survival mode, with some stranger in the driver’s seat.

Until I found EFT and Tapping.

With EFT and Tapping, I finally felt like I could explore and heal my trauma, without reliving its pain over and over again. I was able to shift my relationship with my body and my emotions.

Sounds cheesy, I know. But it really was the thing that changed my life.

EFT Tapping was the first technique that actually helped me shift my emotions and the physical feelings in my body from overwhelm to inner calm and peace.

EFT Tapping taught me how to understand my body’s signals and shifted my relationship with my thoughts and feelings.

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 It doesn't matter if you're a complex trauma survivor or someone simply wanting to feel better, it's my goal to offer resources, courses and services so that you can learn the skills to move through your emotions with more ease and resilience. 

You Deserve to Feel Safe, In Control, and Free.

“Emotional pain cannot kill you but running from it can. Allow. Embrace it. Let yourself feel. Let yourself heal.”

– Vironika Tugaleva

Curious to test out tapping but not sure how to get started?

I’ve created a detailed step-by-step guide that’ll teach you all the basic tappings info you need to know, to try out tapping for yourself.


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Are you ready to take control of your healing journey and develop good emotional health?

The Mind-Body Connection

Until you learn to create space for your emotions where you can feel safe enough to face them, you’ll never be able to truly heal. And healing is essential if you want to stop feeling controlled by your past or circumstances around you, and instead live a life of empowered freedom and choice.


The Meridians, Tapping, and EFT

Emotions are energy in motion. They live deeply within our bodies. For this reason, healing our emotions often requires reaching them on a deeper level than just talking.

This is where Emotional Freedom Techniques and Tapping come into play. Have you ever heard of the meridians? Based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the meridians refer to energetic highways running through our bodies.

Think of them like our veins, but for energetic pulses that share messages between our brain and body. When we experience emotional distress, we experience a traffic jam on this energetic highway. Talking about the distress is like reporting on the traffic jam on Channel 5 News — it can bring awareness, but it doesn’t actually clear the traffic.

Learn more about the roots of EFT & TAPPING

The Power of EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping allows you to reach and dissolve those emotions or traffic jams through meridian points in your body, while you rewrite the narrative in your mind. In this way, EFT Tapping offers you a side-door approach to healing and navigating your emotions, so you can feel good and in control of your emotional health. It gives you the emotional safety and space to reflect on and choose your emotional experience.

EFT Tapping is Evidence-based!

Don’t just trust my opinion — studies show EFT has been effective in relieving symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, Complex PTSD, and more.

Learn More of the Research behind EFT

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Power Over Your Emotions?

Learn to tap through your emotions, so you can reclaim power over your healing journey and learn the skills to feel good wherever, and whenever you like.

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Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Power Over Your Emotions?

Sign up to receive my FREE Intro to EFT & Tapping Guide!





A Note on EFT vs Talk Therapy

First off, I want to say I have no problem with talk therapy. Zero. It can be incredibly valuable to the healing process, and can give you great perspective into understanding your experience. It’s why I’ve worked with my therapist for years and still do to this day!

But understanding why something happened doesn’t always lead to feeling any different. At least, that’s what I and trauma survivors I’ve worked with have found…

Talking about your trauma only gets you so far. Trauma lives in our bodies as much as in our minds — taking a top-down mental-only approach often won’t heal us on all levels.

It’s like running into a wall over and over again hoping it’ll break, instead of trying to find the key to unlock and walk through it. All you’re doing is hurting yourself. Plus, the easier thing to do is just find the key to unlock the door, right?

Unlock the Door