EFT Tapping for Meta Emotions Micro Course

Gain insight into your emotions and learn to give yourself permission to feel.


Have you ever felt bad about feeling bad? 

Maybe you’ve gotten angry after feeling the familiar tingles of fear… 

Or you feel guilty when sadness or disappointment sets in.

If you’ve ever had a feeling about your feelings, you’ve experienced meta-emotions.


What are Meta Emotions?

Put simply, meta emotions are the emotions we experience about our emotions. They often reflect the judgments we learned growing up about what’s okay for us to feel, and what isn’t. They often surround negative emotions, but can also be layered onto positive emotions as well. For example, let’s say you get angry in a fight with a loved one, then feel guilty about feeling angry. That guilt would be a meta-emotion.

If you experience meta-emotions, trust me — you’re not alone. Most of us experience meta emotions throughout our lives. It only becomes problematic if it’s stopping us from confronting and healing the very real pain and trauma we’re burying deep within ourselves.

Are you ready to learn how to manage your  meta emotions?


Why Do Meta Emotions Matter?

You might be thinking, “it’s all emotions — why should I care if I’m feeling my feelings, or feeling feelings about my feelings?” (Wow, Inception anyone?)

It’s a good question. Our meta-emotions might feel like more familiar and comfortable alternatives to the discomfort of our true feelings. But speaking from personal experience, meta-emotions don’t help us heal our original wounds or emotions. They actually bury them, making it even more difficult to regulate our emotions and heal.


The Research Behind Meta Emotions

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Studies show that negative meta emotions can also impact our mental health. Research from Washington University found that people who experience more frequent cases of negative-negative meta emotions (one of the four types of meta-emotions) often experience increased symptoms of depression. A previous study reinforces this relationship, finding that all types of negative meta emotions were linked with increased rates of depressive symptoms.

At the end of the day, meta emotions represent the beliefs (and often the judgements) we’ve learned throughout our lives about what’s okay for us to feel.

Learning to identify our meta emotions is the first step to giving ourselves permission to truly feel our feelings. When we start doing this, we can actually decrease the intensity of our emotions and learn to navigate and influence our emotional experience with ease.

But the first step? Learning to identify and work through meta-emotions.

The EFT Tapping for Meta-Emotions Micro-course Teaches You…


➤ What meta-emotions are and how they impact our emotional health.

➤ How to tell when you’re experiencing a meta-emotion versus your root emotion.

➤ The four types of meta-emotions and how each one can impact you.

➤ Specialized tapping sequences for moving through meta-emotions.

➤ A brief introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and how you can use it to navigate meta emotions.

➤ My secret ingredient for giving yourself permission to feel.

➤ And more!


Ready to Get Started? Here’s What’s Included in Your Micro Program:



Here, we’ll explore:

  • What meta emotions are
  • How their influence by our upbringing (including societal influences, cultural influences, family influences, and more)
  • The four types of meta-emotions
  • How and why we develop meta emotions



Exercise for Bringing Up Meta Emotions

If you want to have better control over your emotions, the first step is learning to identify meta emotions as they arise. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • To identify when you’re experiencing meta emotions vs. your original emotions
  • My tried and true technique for bringing up meta emotions

EFT Tapping Sequences for Meta Emotions

This module will cover:

  • A brief overview of EFT Tapping
  • EFT Tapping sequences for meta emotions
  • Different examples and techniques for moving through meta emotions
  • How to choose the right technique for you

The Value of Dealing with Meta Emotions

In this final module, we’ll recap everything we’ve learned, and go over the importance of dealing with meta emotions.


You’ll also receive a bonus worksheet for exploring meta emotions on your own, alongside a mini guidebook on basic emotions. This guide will include a list of emotions, their definitions, and how they can feel, so you can expand your familiarity and influence over your own emotional experience.


Ready to improve your ability to recognize your feelings, so you can reclaim power over your emotional wellbeing?


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