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 “It has been said that time heals all wounds. The truth is that time does not heal anything. It merely passes. It is what we do during the passing of time that helps or hinders the healing process.” – Jay Marshall

1:1 Virtual Sessions
Reset Minutes Course
EFT Tapping Course
Meta Emotions Course


Hi there — my name’s Dani, and my passion in life is helping people reclaim personal power over their emotional health and freedom from trauma.

Whether you’re a trauma survivor like myself, or someone wanting to get a better handle on their emotional wellbeing — you deserve to feel free, at peace, and in control of your emotions (not the other way around.) 

Together, we’ll work to put you back in the driver’s seat of your life, where you can steer with confidence, clarity, self-trust, and freedom.

1:1 EFT Tapping with Dani

1:1 EFT Tapping Sessions with Dani for hands-on support in applying EFT towards emotional freedom, shifting limiting beliefs, cultivating inner peace.

Are there specific emotions, triggers, or traumas that you want to be free from? If you feel like you’ve tried everything and are ready to face, move through, and let go of the traumatic events or emotions holding you back, 1:1 EFT Tapping sessions could be just what you need.

1:1 EFT Tapping with Dani is for those who want more hands-on guidance and support in cultivating holistic emotional well being and healing from trauma.

*These sessions are only available to those who’ve taken either the Reset Minutes or Emotional Wellness EFT course.

What to expect

In these sessions, we’ll first start by talking about and exploring what exactly you’d like to heal within you. After you give me a sense of where we’ll be working, we begin EFT tapping.

These sessions are NOT Talk Therapy. Talk will be involved, but the majority of the time will be spent tapping and employing EFT techniques. I may interrupt you to ask a question, to guide your words to a different focus, or to provide alternate affirmations or wordings, but otherwise — this will be a working EFT Tapping session.

If you are a trauma survivor —

I hear you. I feel you. I’ve been where you’ve been.

Experiencing trauma can be life-altering, impacting not just our emotional and mental health, but our physical health and sense of self-trust and confidence. My courses Reset Minutes and Emotional Wellness EFT can help trauma survivors learn the basics of cultivating inner safety and calm and to navigate daily emotions. They are not intended to rewrite and heal trauma.

If you are looking to reprogram emotions from trauma or complex trauma, I highly advise working with an EFT practitioner you trust and feel safe with to avoid retraumatizing yourself. If you feel connected to my message and choose to work with me, I’d be honored to serve as a guide and support system in your healing journey.

Sessions: 60-70 minutes                     Location: Virtual  (ZOOM)

1 Session - $200        |    3 sessions - $175 each      |        6 sessions   - $150 each  

If You Want:

  • Someone to create a safe space for you to you move through your emotions
  • Support clearing an issue you haven’t been able to heal with your own EFT practice
  • To overcome traumas that you still have trouble thinking or speaking about
  • To release and reprogram limiting beliefs
  • To cultivate a mindset that sees opportunities and feels hope around every corner
  • Hands-on guidance as you explore, release, and heal specific traumas and triggers
  • Personalized support and instruction with EFT and tapping techniques
  • To feel free, safe in your body, and in control of your emotions, life, and future —

Reach out. I’d love to support you on your healing journey.

**1:1 EFT sessions are only available for people who’ve taken Reset Minutes or Emotional Wellness EFT and want to take a more hands-on approach with personalized guidance**

Inquire for 1:1 Sessions!

Reset Minutes

This course gives you the tools to regulate and calm your nervous system, cultivate inner safety and peace, and strengthen your ability to weather your feelings no matter what.

This self-paced course empowers you with the knowledge and practical skills to create tapping sequences and breathwork routines to reset your nervous system, stop negative cycles of feelings and thoughts in their tracks, and cultivate an unwavering core of inner peace and calm.

You’ll learn everything you need to adapt your routines from day to day. After all, healing isn’t a one-size journey, so the tools we use to heal shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all either!

You’ll leave with an embodied understanding of your nervous system and polyvagal theory, alongside tapping and breathwork essentials you can personalize as needed, for as many self-care routines as you like.

Structure: Self-Paced Course

Focus: Tapping, Breathwork, Calming Your Nervous System, Halting Fight or Flight (or Freeze) Responses

If You Want To:

  • Learn to befriend and retrain your nervous system for more balanced emotional health
  • Increase your confidence in your ability to “survive” your feelings
  • Stop living in fight or flight mode and learn to halt the trauma response
  • Empower yourself with an embodied understanding of your nervous system, polyvagal theory, basic tapping sequences, the meridian points, breathwork, and more!
  • Understand how tapping and breathwork engages our mental, emotional, and physical bodies to promote healing on a deeper level
  • Create personalized tapping & breath routines to regulate your feelings and sooth your nervous system
  • Learn the tools to cultivate feelings of safety and calm within your body whenever you like (you’ll want these before exploring and healing traumas and triggers!)

Reset Minutes was designed with you in mind.

Learn More about Reset Minutes

Emotional Wellness EFT

This course is all about Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and gives you the tools to navigate and cultivate your daily emotional experience to feel empowered, confident, and in control of your life.

Are you tired of feeling like you’re at the whims of your emotions? Like one little thing will happen and all of a sudden you’re caught in an emotional spiral? Emotional Wellness EFT was designed with you in mind. Emotional Wellness EFT teaches you a wide variety of EFT tapping and wording techniques to build powerful affirmations and sequences you can use to transform negative emotions to positive ones.

You’ll leave with a comprehensive understanding of your emotions, confidence in facing and moving through them, and the tools to reclaim freedom and choice over your emotional wellbeing.

**If you’re still in a place where it’s too overwhelming to talk about the areas you want to heal, I recommend beginning with Reset Minutes.

Structure: Self-Paced Course

Focus: Learn to Move Through Your Emotions, Shift Negative Emotions to Positive Emotions, Build Good Emotional Health

If You Want To:

  • Learn the ins and outs of EFT (including its roots in Chinese Medicine) so you can use it in your daily life to improve your emotional experience
  • Label and control your emotions, instead of blindly reacting to them
  • Practice unique EFT techniques to support your healing journey
  • Give yourself permission to feel, so you can heal instead of suppressing and suffering
  • Learn 17 points you can use in your EFT tapping (most practitioners only teach 9!)
  • Learn the recipe for creating powerful and personalized scripts for EFT
  • Feel confident in your ability to face and move through challenging emotions as they arise

EFT for Emotional Wellness is the course for you.


Learn more about Emotional Wellness EFT

Micro Course: Tapping Meta-Emotions

Have you ever felt angry about feeling sad? If you have, you’ve experienced meta-emotions. This course is designed to help you understand what “meta emotions” are, the importance of processing them, and how to give yourself permission to feel your emotions.

This micro-course is all about meta emotions. If you’ve ever felt emotions about feeling emotions, you’ve experienced meta emotions. Basically, meta-emotions are your emotional reaction to the process of feeling emotions.

For instance, if we experience loss, sometimes we feel angry about feeling grief. While this protects us from feeling our grief, it actually stores that pain within our emotional and physical bodies.

The first step in developing balanced emotional health is learning to identify when meta-emotions pop up and try to prevent us from hearing that unspoken voice of our pain.

Structure: Self-Paced Course

Focus: Meta Emotions, Giving Yourself Permission to Feel (and Heal)

If You Want To:

  • Learn to feel, move through, and heal your emotions
  • Become more aware of when you’re avoiding your true feelings by escaping into meta-emotions
  • Understand why processing meta-emotions is important
  • Learn to identify the four main types of meta-emotions
  • Basic tapping sequences to work through meta emotions
  • My secret tip for giving yourself permission to feel

Explore the Tapping Meta-Emotions Micro-course today.


Learn More about Tapping Meta Emotions

So which program is right for you?

Let’s break it down:

If you want help reprogramming limiting beliefs and healing traumas and triggers → 1:1 Tapping with Dani is for you.

Learn More

If you want to learn to give yourself permission to feel →my Meta-Emotions micro-course could be just what you need.

Learn More

If you want to learn the tools to calm your nervous system from a state of overwhelm to one of inner peace → Reset Minutes was designed with you in mind.

Learn More

If you want to learn EFT to help you better navigate your emotions → Emotional Wellness EFT is the course for you. 


Learn More


I’m looking forward to supporting you on your healing journey, and can’t wait to see you become your most full, empowered, confident, and joyful self!

Ready to start cultivating emotional health with EFT, but not sure where to begin?


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