Learn to feel safe in your body and cultivate your nervous system

with Reset Minutes.

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by your feelings?

You know that feeling. It suddenly feels hard to breathe, your heart rate picks up, and your muscles grow tense. You may even start to overheat, or feel nauseous or numb…

For all the lessons we learn growing up, most of us never train one of the most crucial skills we can have in life: learning to cultivate calm in the face of challenging feelings.

The Truth Is…

Most of us spend our lives avoiding our feelings. Trust me — if there were marathons for running from your feelings, I’d have collected dozens of medals by now.

As a survivor of complex trauma (C-PTSD), I found myself struggling for years with my emotions and mental health. My emotional wellbeing felt entirely out of my hands, in the control of whatever experiences the world wanted to test me with that day…

Creating Safety in the Body: A Personal Journey

I tried journaling and talk therapy for years. But no matter how much mental understanding I gained, my “healing” never seemed to reach me on the level of my body. If something triggered me, my trauma response would kick in and I’d be fighting an uphill battle to feel safe and calm again.

It was only once I found tapping, breathwork, and EFT that I truly started healing.

The thing is, talking about my experiences only got me so far. I needed techniques that could help me feel safe enough that I could explore and heal my emotions. Tapping and breathwork were the tools that helped me learn to create safety within my body, and it started with just a few minutes every day. 

I created my very own Reset Minute Routines filled with personalized tapping sequences and breathwork techniques that I still use every day. These short but powerful minutes helped me take the steps to heal.

Now, I want to give these techniques to you, so you can reclaim your power over your emotional health and learn to stop negative feelings from overwhelming you.

What if — with less than 10 minutes a day — you could show up for yourself, reset your nervous system, and create safety throughout your body?



Reset minutes are routines that trigger the parasympathetic nervous system response (AKA calm down your nervous system.)

When you do Reset Minutes throughout the day, you actually rewire your nervous system and train your mind and body to respond differently to threats. You also strengthen your body’s ability to return to a state of calm more quickly.

This course is all about helping you learn tapping and breathing techniques to create calm and safety within your body in a matter of minutes. You’ll learn to befriend your nervous system so you can easily shift from states of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm to calm, clarity, and empowerment.

To sum it up, Reset Minutes helps you feel safe, stops your trauma response, and reclaims control over your emotional experience.

How Tapping & Breathing 

Helps Us Calm Down

These techniques empower us in stressful situations to stop our fight or flight response. How? Tapping sends signals to our amygdalas (our brain’s “fear” center) to stop our stress response. Breathing helps activate the vagus nerve to turn on our nervous system’s relaxation response. Together, the two tools provide a powerful pathway to creating calm and safety in our bodies, before our feelings overwhelm us.

Learn the Power of Tapping & Breathing from the Inside Out

In this course, we’ll explore tapping and breathing and how they can help bring your nervous system from a state of overwhelmed frenzy to inner peace, and promote emotional healing on a deeper level.

You’ll learn:

➤ How to reset your nervous system in minutes and cultivate feelings of safety and control when you feel overwhelmed.

➤ How to expand your “window of tolerance” so you can hold space for your feelings.

➤ The basics of trauma responses, how your nervous system works, and polyvagal theory.

➤ The science of how breathing and tapping helps calm down your nervous system and stimulate a relaxation response.

➤ Tapping and breathing techniques from the inside out, so you can create and adapt routines to suit your needs!

➤ And more!

Why the deep dive?

As put best by Picasso, “learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” I want you to understand tapping and breathing from the inside out, so you can use these techniques like an artist to paint whatever emotional landscape you crave. In my experience, I’ve found that healing is never one-size-fits-all — I want to give you all the tools you’ll need to create and adapt tapping and breath routines to your journey!

You’ll leave this course with an embodied understanding of how tapping and breath engages with your nervous system, so you can artfully adapt your tapping routines to suit your feelings and goals as they pop up.

Reset Minutes is great for:

  • Discovering a new way to communicate with your nervous system that makes you feel safe and in control
  • Shifting anxious and negative thought patterns to cultivate inner peace
  • Learning to get ahead of and manage your emotional reactions 
  • Regaining control over your emotional, mental, and physical experience
  • Preparing yourself for difficult conversations, events, and triggers
  • Cultivating calm and control in the face of overwhelm or panic

Whether you’re looking to feel more grounded and present on a daily basis or for a way to make challenging moments easier — Reset Minutes gives you the tools to retrain your nervous system and take control of your healing journey.

Reset Minutes Is NOT:

EFT! This course is not about exploring and healing specific traumas like you would 1-on-1 with an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practitioner .

It’s not about rewriting negative emotions, like with EFT Tapping.
(For this, check out my course Emotional Wellness EFT.) 

Reset Minutes gives YOU the tools to cultivate calm and safety when feelings start overwhelming you. It teaches you how to guide your nervous system into a parasympathetic state (relaxation), instead of struggling with intense emotions head-on. 



What would it feel like to no longer fear your feelings, but to trust that no matter what, you have the tools to lessen their grip on you and cultivate unbreakable inner calm and peace?


What would it feel like to stop feeling scared and running away from your feelings, but to feel strong and capable of withstanding their waves?

If you’re ready to learn the tapping and breathing tools to reclaim your power so you can cultivate feelings of calm and safety with resilience, ease, and clarity — Reset Minutes is the course for you.

I'm Ready to Feel Safe!


How can you begin the long, slow journey to reclaiming your soul? With a single, butterfly-gentle breath that says, I choose myself.

– Jaiya John

Section 1:  Reset Minutes (RM) 

In this section, you’ll learn all about what Reset Minutes are (and are NOT). We’ll explore:

  • The difference between a top-down, bottom-up, and side-door approach to healing
  • How your nervous system can be your best friend (instead of your enemy)
  • How Reset Minutes can help you
  • Why Reset Minutes are so essential to healing

Bonus Exploration! You’ll learn three regulating techniques to add to your healing toolkit. You can lean on these during the course, until you create your own Reset Minutes.

Section 2: Education + Knowledge 

Here, you’ll learn about your nervous system’s role in your health and experience as a human. We’ll explore: 

  • The autonomic nervous system and the brain
  • What happens when your nervous system encounters trauma and becomes dysregulated
  • Polyvagal Theory and the Vagus Nerve
  • The Window of Tolerance
  • The first steps in healing and regulating your autonomic nervous system and limbic system

Bonus Exploration! You’ll also receive workbooks & worksheets to help you get to know your own nervous system better.

Section 3: Tapping Reset Minutes 

In this section, we'll explore the ins and outs of tapping  including:

  • The difference between tapping and EFT
  • Basic tapping 101 (how to tap, 20 meridian points, tapping sequences)
  • The proof behind how tapping engages and calms your nervous system
  • A full 17-point tap-along formula to get you started

Bonus Exploration! You’ll also receive my Free EFT Tapping Guide so you'll have another tool you can add to your healing toolkit.

Section 4: Breathing Reset Minutes 

In this section, we'll explore the ins and outs of breathing  including:

  • Basics of breathing 101
  • The science of how conscientious breathing regulates your nervous system
  • how to breathe effectively, and understand it's importance
  • Learning over 6 different calming Breathing exercises

Learning and practicing these easy-to-apply Breathing Reset Minutes will transform the way you use your breath!

Section 5: Exploration of Reset Minutes 

In this section, you get to create your own Reset Minute Recipe or formula that works best for you and your nervous system's needs....

  • explore possible signs of healing
  • Experiment with suggested Tapping Reset Minute Recipe(s) and Breathing Reset Minute Formula(s)
  • Learn how to create your own Tapping and Breathing Reset Minutes that meet your unique healing journey's needs.

This section gives you the opportunity to explore and get to know the fundamental tools of Reset Minutes,  while acknowledging that you are already living in the direction of healing. 

Section 6: Create Your own Reset Minute Routine 

Now it’s time to put together everything you’ve learned and create your very own Reset Minute Routine (combo of tapping + breathwork)...

  • Design your own customized Reset Minute Routine
  • Learn what Anchor Statements are, how to create them and how to effectively add them to your routine.
  • Explore example Reset Minute Routines together to give you confidence in creating your own. 
  • PLUS a bonus module that talks about using Reset Minutes for Emotional Flashbacks

Whether you're looking for a routine to get your morning started off right or for a routine to cultivate calm when chaos comes calling -- this section is where we'll create those essential and personalized routines. 

 Section 7: How to Integrate Reset Minutes into your life.

Integrating is an important process. This section is meant to really help you begin using Reset Minutes in your life so you can feel good and empowered throughout your days!

We’ll explore:

  • The NEVER NOTHING rule and other hacks to help integrate your Reset Minutes as a daily habit
  • How to become an internal observer of what’s going on inside yourself
  • How to listen and understand what your body needs from you
  • Tips to prepare those around you so you can freely use Reset Minutes at home

This section will empower you with the knowledge you need to make Reset Minutes a reliable tool that you'll actually use!

 Section 8: The Direction of Healing 

Last but not least — we will explore how to know if you are healing.

In this final module,  we’ll look at:

  • the difference between regulation and capacity
  • the signs of healing
  • recommendations for further exploration of the topics of trauma, the nervous system, and tapping

A lifestyle oriented toward the direction of healing firmly sets you on your path toward recovery and wellbeing! 

With Reset Minutes, you’ll learn all the tools you need to artfully communicate with your parasympathetic nervous system and cultivate states of calm and self-trust whenever you like.






 When you say yes to Reset Minutes, you'll also have access to our affiliate program, where you can earn a commission for every person you refer to the program. It's just one way we're committed to supporting you on your healing journey.

After immersing yourself in this course- you will have access to a deep dive into...

  • understanding the internal effects of trauma that are crucial for healing, and this course will equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate your journey towards recovery
  • discovering how Reset Minutes can help you heal  and the importance of adding them to your healing toolkit
  • learning about the role of your nervous system in your health and experience as a human along with taking the first steps in healing and regulating your autonomic nervous system
  • discovering the benefits of tapping, learning how to tap effectively, and exploring the science behind how it engages and calms your nervous system. (Learning all 20 Tapping Points!)
  • learning the basics of breathwork and its importance, how it regulates your nervous system, and practicing six different calming breathing exercises.
  • experimenting with suggested tapping and breathing reset minute formulas, and learning how to create your own  reset minutes that meet your unique healing journey's needs.
  • creating your very own personalized reset minute routine with tapping and breathwork, and learning how to add anchor statements to it.
  • learning hacks to integrate reset minutes as a daily habit, become an internal observer of what’s going on inside yourself, understand what your body needs from you
  • understanding the difference between regulation and capacity, learning the signs of healing, and setting yourself on the path toward recovery and well-being.

hi I'm Dani! 

I’m an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner and Breathwork Teacher on a mission to help people learn empowering ways to cope with intense negative emotions and to heal trauma.

Learn more about me!