Cultivate the skills and self-trust to move through your emotions and find freedom.


Are you ready to feel and heal your emotions, and get back in the driver's seat of life?

Reclaim power over your life as you learn to manage and move through overwhelming emotions with confidence, clarity, and trust.

Emotional Wellness EFT is about giving you the tools to navigate your emotional responses, heal your heart, and bring yourself back into balance.



Okay, Real Talk —

The majority of us spend our lives running from, avoiding, or blindly reacting to our emotions. It’s understandable — intense emotions can be overwhelming! They can make us feel out of control, like our lives aren’t our own, helpless, and small.

Plus, most of us aren’t taught emotional regulation skills to help us feel our feelings and cope with our emotional reactions.

The truth is, ignoring your thoughts and emotions doesn’t make them go away. And suppressing them with alcohol and drugs won’t free you from their power. (Trust me, I tried this path and can vouch for you — it gets you nowhere fast.)

Emotions you try to avoid get stored in your body, where they can contribute behind the scenes to long-term struggles with mental health and emotional dysregulation.

In other words, when you ignore your emotions, you store your emotions.

You know you’re supposed to “feel in order to heal,” but if you’re anything like me, just feeling your emotions doesn’t feel good or empowering. It can feel bad. Damaging, even. You know you don’t want to be at the whims of emotions living skin deep, ready to be easily triggered… So what can you do?

Emotions are Energy

For years as I tried to heal my own trauma, I was told to “sit with my emotions.” “Don’t suppress them — allow yourself to feel it.”

I get the intent. I do. And I agree, to a certain extent. But nothing frustrated me more than hearing that advice. In my experience, “sitting in your emotions” and feeling them over and over again isn’t going to help you.

(In fact, it can actually re-traumatize you and deepen those wounds. Trust me — I’ve been there and done that…)

The key isn’t just feeling your emotions, but moving through them. It’s about learning emotional regulation strategies that allow you to experience your emotions, but from a safe distance. It’s this safety that expands your distress tolerance, resilience, and ability to see and feel in a new, empowering, and positive emotional light.

Emotions Flow Through Us Like Electricity in a House


Just like everything else in our bodies, emotions are energy in motion. When we experience distressing emotions, we experience energetic blocks that impact our wellbeing. Like lighting in a house, if a mouse chews a wire, the electricity won’t flow as efficiently or effectively. Some lights may stop lighting up at all.

If we want to fix the circuitry, we have to remove the block and repair that damage. Where “sitting with our emotions” is like staring at the chewed wires you haven’t repaired, EFT gives you an outlet to repair and heal the frayed electrical connections.

Instead of sitting with the emotions, EFT lets you tap through them, helping you face your emotions without becoming overwhelmed, deal with them on a deeper level, dissolve the energy block, and come out on the other side.

Create Your Own EFT Practice and Take Control of Your Healing Journey


This course gives you an in-depth understanding of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and supports you as you heal on your terms. You’ll learn to use EFT tapping to cultivate inner calm as you bring forward negative emotions with powerful affirmations, reduce their control over you, and welcome emotional freedom into your life.

By the end of this course, you’ll understand how to safely use EFT to feel and deal with daily emotions and issues as they arise, 17 meridian points (most instructors only teach 9!) for tapping, and techniques you can personalize to maximize the effectiveness of your EFT practice.

After all, healing isn't one-size-fits-all — I want you to have as many techniques in your healing toolbox as possible. This way, you can adapt your EFT practices as needed as you reach different stages in your healing journey. 

Emotional Wellness EFT gives you the techniques to safely explore and heal challenging emotions, so you can cultivate the emotional experience you desire and deserve.


I’m an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner on a mission to help people learn empowering ways to cope with intense negative emotions and to heal trauma.


Want to learn how to feel your feelings and control your emotions?


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What is EFT?

EFT is a research-backed therapeutic technique that’s been used to successfully treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, insomnia, and physical pain. EFT is also used to strengthen the mind-body connection, regulate emotions, and cultivate greater overall wellbeing.

Although EFT is typically dated back to the 90s, the roots of Emotional Freedom Techniques can actually be traced back thousands of years to Traditional Chinese Medicine in practices of Qigong and Acupressure.

Learn more about EFT's History Here

EFT works by combining the calming power of tapping with powerful affirmations that empower you and affirm your ability to choose your emotional experience.

In practice, EFT gives us permission to feel and reduces the intensity of our emotions so we can consider their sources and release them from a place of safety. Ultimately, this helps puts us back in the driver’s seat of our experience, rather than being pulled through life by our emotions.

Learn more about the Science and Practice of EFT & Tapping Here

Emotional Wellness EFT is great for:

  • Learning a new way to navigate emotions and take control of your emotional wellbeing
  • Giving yourself permission to feel and heal
  • Teaching trauma survivors the tools to safely manage day-to-day emotions
  • Understanding how emotions and energy impact our body and nervous system (and how we can reclaim our ability to choose our own emotional landscape)
  • Learning how to use EFT to manage and cultivate your daily emotional landscape without harm
  • Learning to label and identify your emotions instead of blindly reacting to them.

A Note on EFT & Trauma

We all experience trauma throughout our lives. As much as we may want to move on from these moments, they can leave a powerful imprint that sinks into our souls and can limit our capacity for happiness and freedom to live our lives as we please.

At its simplest, trauma is damage to the nervous system. Whether big, small, one-off, or repeated over time — trauma is painful. And it can be hard to free ourselves from the harsh limitations, feelings of lost control, and suffering it causes.

A Short Trip Down Memory Lane…

I spent years avoiding and dismissing the impact of my traumas before I did a 180 and confronted them head on.

I did extensive writing about the experiences, not knowing I was re-traumatizing myself as I dove headfirst into the details and pain.

I went to therapy, which gave me a greater understanding of my experience, but honestly — it didn’t change how crappy I felt most of the time. 

I wanted freedom from the unpredictable and intense waves of emotions that would hit me seemingly at random and completely derail my day and leave me feeling drained.

I wanted a tool I could use to help me feel better on my own terms, not just once a week in the purposefully non-triggering environment of my therapist. So when I stumbled upon EFT, I realized I’d discovered something big.

I began experimenting with EFT tapping and found I was actually able to move through my emotions as they arose, rather than just having to wait them out. This was HUGE, as it told me I could deal with and reclaim power over my emotions, instead of being controlled by them.

EFT for Trauma Survivors

I still highly recommend working 1-on-1 with an EFT practitioner to shift limiting beliefs and rewrite traumatic experiences if you are a trauma or complex trauma survivor. That being said, you CAN use EFT on your terms to move through daily emotions as they arise and reclaim your ability to feel good.

This course is designed to teach anyone — complex trauma survivors and people struggling to feel in control of their emotions — how to use EFT as a tool to cultivate calm and the freedom to choose how we feel.

<< If you’re a complex trauma survivor and are looking for support along your healing journey, we got you covered.>>

Click here to head to the Healing & CPTSD Community

“Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming but we can choose which ones to surf.”

– Jonatan Martensson


Want to learn how to feel your feelings and control your emotions?


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Imagine a world where… 

— Instead of feeling scared when you notice those distressing emotions creeping in, you feel confident and capable in facing and moving through them.

— We teach our children to use EFT to move through their emotions and pains, so we’d have a world of adults who aren’t easily triggered all the time and living with unresolved trauma.

— At the end of a crappy day, instead of people consoling you by saying, “let’s grab a drink,” they instead said, “let’s tap through that pain.”

— You feel in control and good about yourself and your life…


We often choose unhealthy coping mechanisms like avoiding our emotions or drugs and alcohol,  because that’s all we know. EFT presents another path, one that empowers you with control and choice, and supports you as you heal yourself towards holistic wellbeing.

If you’re ready to reclaim control over your emotions and mental wellbeing —

Emotional Wellness EFT is the course for you!