What’s with the Chameleon, you ask?

You may have noticed a cute lil chameleon throughout my website. Contrary to popular belief, chameleons don’t just change color just to blend in and survive. They actually change color to express their emotions!

I used to see my ability to “chameleon” as something bad. I couldn’t understand why I’d feel one way inside, and completely ignore my feelings by acting in ways “best suited” to my environment.

But the truth is, chameleon-ing doesn’t have to be a weakness. Once we recognize it, we can begin to reclaim it and empower ourselves to choose and use it as we see fit. Sometimes, like at work, it can be useful to use your chameleon powers to blend. Other times, you might want to stand out and express yourself.

Ultimately, the chameleon is all about emotional self-expression.

So as you scroll through my site, I want the chameleon to remind you of your own emotional power. Just as the chameleon changes color to express itself, you can use EFT Tapping to move through and express your emotions.   

Remember that there is power in being a chameleon, and you can choose to use it however empowers you most.    

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